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Born out of a love for deep transformation and service Southern Pines Yoga Co. is committed to meeting you where you are and taking you forward to where and who you want to be. We value all schools of yoga and aim to offer classes and workshops suitable for people in all stages in life. The common denominator in all of our classes is an aspiration to acknowledge and facilitate the human ability to evolve positively on all levels from the physical to the inner wisdom and spiritual.

Our approach is that it is not important what a student can do, it is important what we can do to make the healing practice available to anyone.

Here, you will find unheated, warm and hot classes for new students to experienced yoga practitioners. On the schedule are prenatal, gentle, gentle flow,  flow, power flow, foundations, cool and hot stationary, classic hatha, yin, yoga for healthy aging,  restorative and meditation classes. We love beginners!!!

Southern Pines Yoga Co. instructors are friendly and welcoming.Careful consideration is not only given to the appearance and cleanliness of the studio, but to each member of the staff. Our teachers are the physical embodiment of the Southern Pines Yoga Co. spirit; selected for their knowledge, experience, and ability to safely guide others in their practice.

Founded in November of 2011 by Michelle Kaiser the space is devoted to help facilitate growth and transformation in our community. Please drop in for a class or come see us with your questions. You can also call Michelle at 910.639.1089 or email her at See our FAQs for the basics.



The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection…People come to Southern Pines Yoga Co. for physical and emotional nourishment. The combination of mind and body exercises of yoga provide individuals with the benefit of a fitter, leaner body; improved posture and balance; an increase in body awareness; improved concentration; greater flexibility and range of motion; better overall health, energy and vitality; and lower levels of stress and tension.

The concept of a mind-body connection is not new and it has been said that exercise can help ward off depression as well as release stress. Perhaps you have tried other forms of exercise but feel something is missing. Yoga may be the answer. We offer classes for all levels and invite you to give us a try.  Read our FAQs here.