Beginner FAQ’s

What if I can’t do a pose?

News flash: we can’t do every pose ! That is why it is called a yoga practice. With patience and practice you can touch your toes one day. If not, its ok! Remember to breathe deeply, modify where you need to, observe and be inspired or take child’s pose.

Do you have blankets, blocks and props to use during class?

Yes, we provide all the props and yoga equipment basic to the practice of yoga including straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets.

I am not flexible, can I still do yoga?

You don’t need to be physically flexible to practice yoga. Yoga teaches you to develop flexibility in the mind and body. So don’t worry if you can’t touch your toes. Come as you are, respect your limitations and listen to the teachers modifications. Most importantly, breathe and smile!

What should I wear?

No special clothing is required to do yoga. Wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too baggy and doesn’t restrict movement. In general, a fitted stretchy top and bottom is recommended so your shirt (or pants) do not ride up towards your face during poses like downward facing dog. Yoga is done with bare feet, so please come with clean feet, and plan to remove your shoes and socks when you arrive. Cubbies are available in the yoga room to stash your belongings.

Do I need to bring a mat?

We have mats available for use however we strongly recommend that you bring your own.

What class should I go to?

We encourage you to try different instructors and classes since each of our instructors offer a unique style of teaching. Practicing this way also broadens your knowledge of yoga and mind body awareness. Generally our students start off in Gentle Yoga, Foundations, Beginners or Level 1.  Then, they move to  Level I/II, Warm/Hot Yoga or a Vinyasa.  It’s an individuals choice as to whether they participate in a cool, warm or hot practice.



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