About Our Teachers
All of our teachers are highly respected and well educated in various styles of yoga. Many of them have a blend of backgrounds, while some focus on one style. Most importantly, they have personalized the practice to reflect their own studies, and their classes will reflect this dynamic quality. Providing a clean, comfortable, safe space in which to explore the body, mind and spirit is a priority for everyone on staff at Southern Pines Yoga Co.

Meet Our Teachers

Ashley Keith

Christy Bainbridge Mickle

Cindy Boals

Crystal Hetrick

Gloria Moore

Karen Poppele


Kirstee Yoakum

Laurel Dierking

Liz Dalrymple

Lynda Lea Goodall

Mark Hunsicker

Michelle Kaiser

Trish Parker


(Sifu) Master Tai Chi Instructor Lee Holbrook


Contact Us

(910) 246-0065


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