Gloria Moore

I’d love to share my yoga story with you. When I was 6 years old my mom and dad bought a set of encyclopedia. Being a curious child yet not much of a reader, I picked up the volume labeled WXYZ. Seeing a photo of a man in a strange pose, I asked my mom to read the article that went along with the photo. The article was about yoga. That is when my fascination with yoga began.

There were no yoga studios in the small towns I lived in but with the help of the local ballet teacher, books, and TV I was able to establish a foundation for a yoga practice. During my college years the concepts I had learned about yoga, meditation and visualization helped me manage the stress of being a college student with lupus, having two hospitalizations away from home due to my kidneys and having to take off a semester due to extreme pain and stiffness of lupus.

Now I’m a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher with over 1000 hours of teaching experience, certified to teach yoga, meditation, and breath work through Chrysalis Yoga. I completed the program at Yoga in the Sandhills in 2007 and have been teaching since completing the program.

My intention is to guide you to your inner resources for a heart-felt experience of transformation. I look forward to seeing you. Namaste.

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