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Inclusive Yoga for Kids with Kelly Fagan….Mondays  4-5pm

This class is designed for children ages 5-12 with all abilities and/or disabilities. These classes will be taught by a certified yoga instructor alongside a special education teacher. The children will learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, practice fine and gross motor skills, and practice social skills in a gentle, safe, and fun environment.

Questions: Call Kelly! 910.992.8724 or go to Kelly’s  Facebook at namastewithkelly or email at Sign up under Namaste with Kelly on Mindbody.

Yoga for Preschoolers with Kelly Fagan…..Tuesdays    1:15-2:15pm

This class provides a fun and loving way to help your children/grandchildren learn and improve their development. This playful class encourages self-expression as well as building social skills. Children will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. Kids sing, draw and play yoga in this energy releasing class.

Questions: Call Kelly! 910.992.8724 or go to Kelly’s  Facebook at namastewithkelly or email at Sign up under Namaste with Kelly on Mindbody.



Yoga for the “Office” Workshop with Karen Poppele
Saturday, September 16        1-3 p.m.

Good posture is critical to balance and health. Whether your job involves sitting for extended periods of time at a desk working at a computer or behind the wheel of a vehicle, poor posture development can lead to headaches, neck and shoulder pain, weakened muscles and muscle fatigue, back pain, and other conditions, which, left unaddressed, can become permanent.
This workshop is designed to create an awareness of proper neck and sitting posture and offer yoga, ergonomics, and other techniques as tools to help correct poor postural habits. We’ll explore

• Potential health consequences of extended sitting, poor sitting posture, and forward head posture (FHP)
• Computer, desk, and driving ergonomics
• Yoga poses that can be done seated at the desk and on the mat to help undo the effects of extended sitting and/or computer work

A  45-minute yin (stretch) practice to counteract “computer neck” will complete the workshop. You will leave with an awareness of and tools to maintain proper posture in and outside the office environment. Open to all levels. Investment, $25; early bird investment by September 9, $20.

Karen Poppele, E-RYT 200, YACEP, brings to her classes a love of alignment along with a sense of play and exploration and a desire to make yoga truly accessible to all, encouraging progression at one’s individual pace and level to attain the increased physical, mental, and spiritual well-being a practice can offer.


Back to Basics Alignment Workshop with Laurel Dierking

Saturday, Sept. 23  12:30-3pm


Simply Begin Again

Linking breath and mindful movement principles, this workshop is designed to take you back to the fundamental basics of yoga asana and guide you into a more personalized practice.  This workshop  aims to correct poor asana habits developed over time  which can lead to injury or pain by incorporating:
*** Hands On Adjustments
*** Mobility and Stability Guidance
*** Anatomy and Breath Training
*** Complete Breakdown of Sun Salutations A & B
*** Prop Support to Accomplish Postures Without the Element of Balance
Step back into a beginner ‘ s mind and experience your practice in a whole new way and learn to feel your way into proper alignment on the mat in order to achieve the deeper benefits of your practice, beyond the postures.
The Instructor: Laurel Dierking, M.Ed., a Texas native, has taught and practiced yoga for the past 7 years. Laurel emphasizes the importance of breath and body awareness, proper alignment, mindfulness, self-love, and compassion for all of life.
Reiki Level I  Class & Attunement with Dana Preshous
Saturday, Sept. 30th and Sunday, Oct. 1               9am-5pm on both days
Reiki is a hands on healing method that has been around for years and was developed by Mikao Usui of Japan in the 1930’s. Since then Reiki has been introduced to many all around the world. Reiki simply translated as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ is a popular and effective form of energy medicine and is very effective tool in treating stress, pain management and other various ailments and issues.
In this two day class you will begin to learn and understand more about energy and the effects of its vibrations. By harnessing your own energy and choosing to allow healing into your life, you then become a conduit in which to heal others.
Dana Preshous also uses intuitive techniques and lessons to enhance your path into becoming a natural healer. After completing this class, you will be certified as a Reiki Level One Practitioner. Dana is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and also works as a Certified Psychic Medium. She also teaches Intuitive, Mediumship & Psychic Development classes and mentors those with similar abilities.
To sign up for this class contact Dana Preshous directly a or (910) 690-5285.
Level I tuition $165. Registration closes Monday, Sept. 18th at 5pm.
Autumn Retreat…a day of gathering & harvesting with Michelle Kaiser and Kathy Mallow
Saturday, October 16th    1-5pm

As the holidays approach why not retreat and discover some wonderful ways to manage your mood!

Southern Pines Yoga invites you to join us Saturday, October 14th for a gathering to harvest strength and find refuge through Yoga and Meditation. We will take time to mark the seasonal change and our bodies responses to those changes. Autumn, according to yogic science (Ayurveda), is the most potent time of the year to make deep and lasting changes in your body, mind and spirit. This four-hour retreat is designed to ground you, clear your mind and allow you to reconnect with what truly matters. What a wonderful time of year…right before the holiday season to fill your cup!

Michelle and Kathy will guide you through the process of letting go and allow you the space to get in touch with that which doesn’t change…your own loving presence. Discussion will include creating a sacred space for retreat and renewal. Learn how to set clear boundaries for the holiday season not just within our minds, but also our bodies and spirits. Workshop will incorporate the deep stretch of yin yoga and the flowing movement of yang along with guided meditation.

Come gather with us for a joy-filled day as we tap back into our deep roots and harvest our best selves! A fabulous way to set your intention or dedication for the upcoming season that so often brings us stress. We look so forward to sharing this afternoon with you and watching your light burn bright!

Retreat investment: Special early bird registration $35 before October 6/$40. Space is limited, register early to ensure your space.

Yoga 101/102+

Tuesday mornings at 10:30am with Laurel Dierking

If you are new to yoga, or have a friend who’s been curious about your “yoga addiction” but is afraid to try it, this series is the perfect place to start. We are thrilled to offer a series of  classes designed for the beginner or returning student who is seeking a strong foundation of the basic asanas (poses). The intention of this series is to give beginners and current students an understanding of the breath, how it links movement, and correct structural alignment in each pose, including appropriate modifications to suit the individual. This knowledge will empower you to attend all classes with confidence in your own ability to safely modify or ramp up the practice according to your own personal needs.

Questions are invited throughout class as the basis for discussion and for the benefit of all. This course also designed for Yoga 101 alumni and other students with ground-level yoga exposure a chance to fortify and expand their foundation. No need to feel intimidated; all are welcome. Come find the joy of yoga! Class will be guided based on each participant’s yoga level and experience.


Begins in September…
Fridays 10:30am-11:30am…YogaFaith with Lynda Lea Goodall


Please read Lynda’s intention for her offering…YogaFaith. Lynda trained in Washington state.
“My heart is to share Christ and yoga with people. We are meant to worship with our whole being and to glorify the Lord with our temples. YogaFaith is the yoking together or uniting yoga, meditating on the word of God and worshiping through body movement. I have been teaching at some churches who graciously opened their hearts and doors to let me teach faith based yoga classes. As I branch out now into a studio setting I invite you to come practice and learn with me so together we can better seek the Lord with our whole selves.”


Monday evenings 7pm  Tai Chi  with Sifu Lee Holbrook
Contact Lee  directly regarding class through his email or call 910.639.5395. Classes packages may not be used for this class. You will not see this class on our Mindbody site.















































Restorative/Yoga Nidra with Michelle & Mark
Saturday, August 12   3-4:30pm
Give yourself the gift of letting go with Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra combined into one class. Michelle will use props to facilitate deep relaxation with a handful of restful postures. Mark will guide you through a practice designed to bring forth a deep sense of peace and renewal where your only requirement is to let go to the sounds of music and voice. Both practices will allow the body to heal and replenish itself by stimulating the immune and endocrine systems, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure, and triggering the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms and restores the body. By doing less instead of more, allow your inner healing capacity to activate and uncover the deepest core of yourself, the essential wisdom within. ALL ARE WELCOME!
Investment: $15

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